Friday, 27 February 2009

Friday...Friday...Friday...Off on Monday...loooong weekend!
Stamped this stamp twice, second stamping I embossed in gold and cut out the images...Can't remember where the stamp is from, not printed on the side...sorry...makes a great stamp though...simple....but good...Done this before when I have coloured in each square, decided not to this time, and quite like it...

Have a great weekend, my daughters birthday on Saturday....Happy Birthday you....Will post on Monday, will be short though as my birthday, and I have the day off work...



  1. Gorgeous card sarah. have a great weekend and a very Happy birthday to both you and Bex X

  2. POsted this from work so must have been a glitch my end, all ok now X

  3. Gorgeous card! Happy birthday and well done on making the DT

    Liza x