Monday, 21 April 2014

I know - I am sorry

Better late though than never I say........sorry been a way for a while - work again is getting in the way......though going to make a concerted effort for me much so started a gym...and totally love it...not weights and power lifting - but I go to the classes...they motivate you and make you do just that little bit more...and yup - it's working - so just got to stick with it now.......

Made some cards and tags to show you

 Just added some blossom to the tree to make it a bit more girlie

 And then needed some tags so my scrap card once again came in handy
 and added some punched out butterfly's to this one
So sorry if you thought I had left.....Naaaaaaahhhhhh......just need to get round as many of you all now that I can
Happy Bank Holiday Monday to you in the UK
Entering over at Sassy Cheryls - show me Thurs - sorry been away for so long

Sunday, 26 January 2014


Saw this and it made me smile....this needs to be pinned somewhere where every male can see Cheers to you all out there - Happy Sunday - even though it is a very rainy day here in Yorkshire!


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cricket Bat cake

Happy Sunday - well it would be if it was not raining!!!!...very dismal.....
Have my parents over for dinner so just doing a nice Sunday roast...can't beat it...
Roast pork.
Apple sauce.
Roast potatoes.
Yorkshire puddings.
Sausages wrapped in bacon.
Swede and carrot.
Stuffing balls
Followed by steamed treacle sponge and custard!....good job I have been good and going to the gym!

Made this for one of my best friends boys 18th.....its a cricket bat if you are not sure!

Bat is coffee cake - rest sponge

Me done for cakes for a while - Next will be Rebecca's 20th at end of to think about that one..
Em going out driving in the month will get her on the open
Entering this for the 2nd weeks challenge over at Sassy Cheryls - show me Thursday ~136

Sunday, 12 January 2014

21st Birthday Cake

Hi there - hope you have had a fantastic weekend......

Did ball stability class again - and you will be pleased to know - I did not fall off........I also have done a "fat burn" class - blimey now that was tough - we had weights and it got to one point I did not have the strength to push the bar up over my head to put it down and nearly called for help......Don't be fooled though by all this gym sessions...problem is I am eating 10 times as much so it is doing no good what so ever in relation to weight loss - need to try harder...but loving it - so that's the main thing...

Made this cake for a ladies daughter at work....did wonder when she asked for red/while and black flowers on it - but love the finished look.

Hope you like it too
Back to work tomorrow - think weather is on the change for snow next week...will have to see
Entering this in Sassy Cheryls - show me Thursday #136 - which I won last week - fab eh!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Mo Manning birthday pc card

Oh Thursday - nearly Friday....working from home tomorrow so don't need to get dressed up - nice and then tomorrow night off to stability ball class again - why do I put myself through it - if I fall off again I am NEVER going again.....
Onto todays this image - coloured many many times.....mad this for my nephews 18th - he loved it.

Coloured in with Copics added some gloss here and there and got in the glitter on the 18th...easiest way to seal in sprinkled glitter is to glossy accent the item first - in this case a pre cut out wooden 18th - then sprinkle with glitter - seals it beautifully and the glitter stays put!
Enjoy your weekend - raining here in the UK....

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Car birthday cake


First post of 2014 - so Happy New Year....

Had a break for Xmas - nice as always lots to do.....

Had Bex home for Xmas - though just taken her back to Uni - though she is coming home every 3 weeks so that's nice - though can my fridge hold up to it and my biscuits???...

Made this cake for a friend at work she wanted a car cake for her husbands birthday - first car cake - its ok - but so out of my comfort zone....

Just sponge inside - she assured me it tasted nice - always a worry as you never know.

Emily was 17 on New Years Eve...time flys - so doing this post while she has gone out for her first my car!......mission to get her passed this year...but soooo expensive - even the provisional licence these days is £50...then lessons...then the theory test...and then the of Mum and Dad is very thin on the ground at the moment...
Had a lovely Xmas - even joined a gym...went to a stability ball class!! know one of these balls that you sit on and apparently work your "core"...well fell off the damn thing - may I add in spectacular style...bruised one elbow and bled on the other...really hurt...did I cry?...inside...but not on the outside..anyway - my mates now want me to do a class on Tues and Friday this week....doing it on the mat this time!!!!
Hugs to all


Thursday, 14 November 2013

Birthday Card

Not made one of these type of cards for ages....step......

Used this fabby Sassy image - just love the little fella - just so like something Archie would do.

Paper pieced this card..well chair, lamp and footstool cover...loving these colours.

 Side view of the card
 And back view

One of the challenges was to use holiday colours....Red...Xmas...always got to be red on a there is green there too...hope that covers it - if not hey ho...or is it ho ho.

Busy at work - next week for the next 2 weeks will be worse as 2 people from the team are off sailing in the British Virgin Islands...Grrrrrrrrrr.  very jealous! things will get stressful I am sure - breathe Sarah
Emily running this weekend - only in Sheffield so not too far - though I am sure the traffic will be terrible with xmas shoppers!...
Sunday making a cake for a friend - will blog next week
Take Care

Oh yes and the 80 million....yes 80 million on Fridays Euro millions is mine please!

Sassy Cheryls Digi Stamp Challenge Holiday colours - Hope this is ok as it is not a holiday image - just fab colours

Sassy Cheryls - Show me Thursday #133 hope ok to enter 2 Sassy challenges - please say if not