Friday, 17 April 2015

Calla Lily Cake

Its Fabby Friday...Yaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oh How I live for my time off....
Just come back from the gym and thought would post another cake.

This  time it has Calla Lily's always - made out of icing...and AGAIN I apologise for the poor pictures...what I need to do is stop taking them on a night and only take them in day light hrs - maybe when not so tied also...

Flash here shows Lily's...but not brilliant...
Need to post some cards - will do promise...but weekend set to be nice, so think will be out gardening and enjoying the time....
Enjoy the sunshine and tanks for popping by.


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Pole dancer birthday cake

Why does work get in the way of blogging...cake making and card making...would much prefer to do this all day....guess answer is bills!

Anyway....thought I would show you this new cake of a pole dancer. My friends daughter was 21 and I was asked to do a cake for her of her pole dancing...fruit on the bottom cake - sponge on the top

I so need to go to night school for camera lessons now - sorry for the poor pictures

 Made some makeup out of icing and a phone
And of course a pole an earth they stay up there is beyond me...actually how they get up there in the first place is beyond me!
Made another cake which I will show soon - promise...if you want to see my previous cakes just click on the cake label on the left of the posting and it will show you them all, and go through them...I have so many that I still have not posted yet...soon...promise
Hope you are enjoying this so called heat wave - though it is not in Yorkshire!!!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Penny Black

Dusted off a Penny Black stamp - love this image - one stamp just won't ever get rid of..

Punched out a Happy Birthday with a Martha Stewart punch and punched out the odd butterfly

Hard to see but lifted up the pots - glossy accented them and coloured in with Copics - missed a few spots - but for some reason you don't see those until you take a pic and post it - hey ho.....
And just added a little bit of stickles to the flower....
Friday tomorrow and no work - Yaaaaaaaaahhhh - though got a dentist appointment - great...hopefully weather dependant - I may get some gardening done...
Have a fab weekend
Entered the following
Simon Says - Things that fly - hope my butterfly's count
The Crazy challenge #192 - Happy Birthday
Through the purple haze - Anything goes
 - anything goes


Sunday, 8 March 2015


Just thought I would do a quick post before I head off to spinning...

WOULD have posted a cake - but for some reason I cannot get the image to get up off its side......aaaahhhhhhhh even edit image rotate still leaves it on the side when I try and blog it...and to say it is annoying me is an understatement.....It WAS a cake where the maltesers are coming out of the packet - first attempt - and it was ok...will keep trying - but for the moment - just imagine the cake.

It was Bex's 21st and she did not want a traditional cake - choc....she came home for the day and wanted us to go to the beach....have fish and chips......home made pizza for tea...light the a game or 2 of Linkee (if you have never heard of it - google it - its brill - a word association game) and watch the voice.....
Think it may have had something to do with a party at Uni the next day and she did not want to over do it!.....
So headed off to Filey on the East Coast...cold windy - but sooooooooooooooo refreshing

And this is a pic of my two lovely daughters and boyfriends...Had a lovely family weekend 

Speak soon

Sunday, 1 March 2015

American Football games - please help

Calling all my blogging buddies from over the water....Can you please help..????

Can you tell me a good website to go on to book tickets for an American Football game to be held in NY between 2 -8 December 2015

I will blog again soon - promise

Please either email me or post on my blog

Sunday, 1 February 2015

running card


Its blowing a hoolie here...Archie and I nearly got blown over and wind burn on our dog walk this am.....
Snow all gone for the moment - though I am sure it will be back next week....

This card not over chuffed with it....the 18 "ran" on her t shirt - but soooo love the image - its a Mo Manning - another fab image of hers...what a talent!
Made it for Emily, as you probably know she loves her thought quiet appropriate....

 Made a step card and then on the ted - double stamped and lifted up........its an ok card - but not the vision in my head I had of it...hey ho.....
Em had some friend's over to stay last night - so I was on pancake making duty - and now just off to a spinning class in a moment - honestly - why do I put myself through it???.....

Went out for a nice meal last night if you are ever out that way - Moor and Pheasant at Dalton (towards Thirsk)....very nice - bonus has 20% meal and drinks.....and I was not driving!...Bacardi and Coke here we come! now off to the gym to work it off - but then got stew and dumplings for will put it all back on.....gotta live I say!
Have a lovely Sunday

Friday, 23 January 2015

Tea Pot cosy

Nearly Friday - thought I would show you this teapot cosy I knitted for Bex for Uni -She was moaning that the tea did not stay warm enough......must admit I am quiet chuffed with the outcome.

With you doing it in "pleats" it seems to insulate it more...think though couple more rows longer would have done the trick - but she loved it...

Saw the pattern and slightly adapted it.....though did not record where saw it so cannot give credit.
Flower on the top is not brilliant - but hopefully you get the picture.......

Pattern below if it helps
2x 50g ball dk in (main colour MC)
1x 50g ball dk in (contrasting colour CC1)
1x dk in (contrasting colour CC2)
1 set 4mm needles
Gauge: 22 st and 28 rows / 10cm or 4"

The cosy is knitted in garter stitch throughout. Two colours are knitted on every row, and the pucker is formed by pulling the yarn not in use across the wrong side of the work. At each end the strands of yarn need to be twisted together before turning and knitting the next row. Two pieces are made and sewn together at the sides, leaving gaps for the handle and spout. The pucker at the edge of each piece has an extra stitch to allow them to be seamed more invisibly.

The pattern looks complex, but it isn't once you get your head around the colour changes!

Make 2 Pieces:

Cast on 98 stitches in MC
Row 1 (WS): with MC k all stitches

Row 2 (RS): with MC k9, *with CC1 k8, with MC k8*, repeat from *to* 5 times, with CC1 k9. Pull the unused yarn across the back of the work as you knit. Twist the 2 yarns together at the edge.

Getting the tension right when pulling the unused yarn across the back of the work is not too easy. The first time I attempted it I pulled too tightly and the result was very narrow! My best advice is when taking up and using the next colour each time, first knit one stitch, and then gently pull the yarn until there is no slack (i.e. no loop of yarn at the back), but neither is it too taught, and still has some give in it. You are aiming for a width at the bottom of each piece of about 26cm/10".

Row 3 (WS): with CC1 k9, *with MC k8, with CC1 k8*, repeat from *to* 5 times, with MC k9. Remember to bring the yarn forward between the needles, and pull the unused yarn across the front of the work when knitting the WS. Twist all three yarns together at the edge.

Row 4 (RS): with CC2 k9, *with MC k8, with CC2 k8*, repeat from *to* 5 times, with MC k9. Pull the unused yarn across the back as you knit, and twist the yarns together at the end.

Row 5 (WS): with MC k9, *with CC2 k8, with MC k8*, repeat from *to* 5 times, with CC2 k9. Pull the unused yarn across the front as you knit, and twist the yarns together at the end.

Repeat rows 2-5 14 times, and then repeat rows 2-3 once. You will have 63 rows knitted, and end with a WS row.

Begin decreasing, staying in the colour pattern:

Row 64 (RS): with CC2 k1, *with CC2 k2tog, k4, k2tog, with MC k2tog, k4, k2tog*, repeat from *to* 6 times, with MC k1.

Row 65 (WS): with MC k7, *with CC2 k6, with MC k6*, repeat from *to* 5 times, with CC2 k7.

Row 66 (RS): with MC k1, *with MC k2tog, k2, k2tog, with CC1 k2tog, k2, k2tog*, repeat from *to* 6 times, with CC1 k1.

Row 67 (WS): with CC1 k5, *with MC k4, with CC1 k4*, repeat from *to* 5 times, with MC k5.

Row 68 (RS): with CC2 k1 *with CC2 k2tog twice, with MC k2tog twice*, repeat from *to* 6 times, with MC k1.

Row 69 (WS): with MC k3, *with CC2 k2, with MC k2*, repeat from *to* 5 times, with CC2 k3.

Row 70 (RS): with MC k1, *with MC k2tog, with CC1 k2tog*, repeat from *to* 6 times, with CC1 k1.

Row 71 (WS): with CC1 k2, *with MC k1, with CC1 k1*, repeat from *to* 5 times, with MC k2.

Row 72 (RS): with MC k1, k2tog 6 times, k1.

Leave these 8 stitches on a holder, break yarns leaving long tails and repeat pattern to knit a second piece. When both sides are completed, draw the tail of MC yarn through the stitches remaining on both pieces and draw together. Knot discretely.

Use the yarn ends to sew together the pieces using mattress stitch, leaving a gap at both edges for the teapot spout and handle.