Sunday, 14 June 2015

Old Git card

Happy wet Sunday...why does it always rain on a weekend?

Went shopping with my girls the other day to Metro Centre on our hottest day of the year so far.........such a loooooong day - having drained my purse dry...I arrived home at 9:45 pm!!!!!! blimey - glad I don't do it often!...nice day though so tied.....

Todays card is a Guss card from Bugaboo...this is a card not to give to someone that is of a great age - but for someone around the 50ish mark so as not to cause offense!

I am so behind with all my crafty bits - but I am catching up with the "stitched" look - love it...just need to find more time to craft

 Coloured in with Copics and glossed his spec's
Tense in our household at the moment with Emilys A level exams and Rebecca waiting to see if she has passed her 3rd yr at Uni and then only 1 more yr to go....

Take care everyone

Catch you soon



  1. Isn't Gus just the greatest old geezer ever? I love him and your fab guy card. I really like that plaid and argyle paper too.
    Good luck to Emily and Rebecca but I'm sure they will do great.

  2. Hi Sara. Long time no post (like me!) Hope you are well...