Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Just to say.........Thank you

Love this image -one of the few stamps I did not part with when I moved over to digital....just makes you go aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh - most Penny Blacks do.
Coloured in with copics and stickled with glitter and glossed a bit here and there

Bought a new mini cooper the other day - OMG if you can love a car - then I am soooo in love...worked out it is 27 yrs since I got my first mini - how to feel old or what will have to post a pic of the lovely lady - girl car of course.....Myrtle is her name......this mini has mood lighting in it on a night time that you can change - wow such a girlie thing....


  1. Love your card hon..... and wow.. you parted with all your wood mounted?? Mine are still hanging around - just in case!!!

    LOVING also the sound of your new mini... with included mood lighting!! I learned to drive in a mini.. 44 years ago!! NOW who's old??? hehe

    Christine x

  2. Thanks for popping by my blog Sarah and I added myself to yours... I've been having a wee poke around and I love your work! I have to also say... Archie is very cute and yeah, those minis are great cars.
    I am like you... I unmounted all of my wood stamps (and have never regretted it) but I still have quite a few of the clear ones. Digis are just so easy and I never get a crooked image...hahahhaha.. that drives me batty.
    I love this card... I have also kept some of my PB stamps, they are the cutest! I like the glitter you added to the hedgie's fur... never saw that done before but I like it and am going to remember it for next time I colour one. I also like this patterned paper and your layout with the circles is so nice.