Thursday, 14 May 2015

Half the calories

Heeeeey its Friday tomorrow - love the end of a working week....

Looking forward to next week because its come round again....Take That are on tour again - so off to Newcastle on Tues to see them...I know they are down to 3...but its a fab 3....soooo looking forward to it...meeting Bex my daughter in Newcastle and she is coming with me and one of my best friends and her hubby.

Today's card is a fantastic House Mouse image, though shocking picture taking... I did gloss the icing on the cake - but does not come out its best in the picture.

Even when I tried to do a close up - still no better.
Just finished some more cakes - so will show those soon....busy bee
Enjoy the weekend - lets hope it stays dry...



  1. Oh NO!! A Take That fan????? Well....... someone has to be I guess!! LOL! Only kidding........ I actually love there music - but not enough to go see them..... ENJOY!

    And your card is wonderful (which is what I came here to say!)

    Hugs - Have a fabulous weekend..
    Christine x

  2. Yay, I found it ... now I'm adding you to my feed watch so I don't lose you! I wonder why your blog doesn't come up on your Google list though?? Anyhoo ... I am glad it's the weekend too! it's been a loooong week! Your card is adorable, love me some House Mouse!

  3. Oh this is cute, Sarah! It's hard to get a picture of either glitter or glaze. But I can tell the shine is there! Awesome! Hope you had a wonderful time on Tuesday!!

  4. I can't believe I didn't used to like those House Mouse stamps because now I think they are just the cutest little guys.
    Fab card here Sarah and that cupcake looks good enough to eat and I most definitely like the 'no calories' thing.