Monday, 15 March 2010


Wow did I have a nice weekend - first bit of great news was Bex's exam results well the start of them, before Xmas she did English GCSE and got an A, and Science is split into 4 parts with 2 qualifications, she got an A* for parts 1 and 2, then on Fri found out she got an A* for part 3 she will do part 4 along with the others in June - Well done Bex...and took Em running to Leeds on Sunday and she scooped a silver - Well done Em, and came home, both of them later on called me into the kitchen for my tea which they had done all on their own...look at this...
This was absolutely delicious.
Em's card - so neatly coloured in.
Bex's card - not a great pic - so zoomed in on the text.
So So So true..............
And look at these yummy buns made by Em and the choccie delight bought by Bex...heaven on a plate....and Bex bought me some beautiful gloves to keep my hands warm when I am out dog walking....
Just wanted to say girls - thanks...made my day, and I Love you both sooooo much!
Will have a card for you tomorrow - just wanted to share this with you today - hope you all had a fantastic restful day!


  1. Wow! congratulations to both your daughters
    I would be shouting from the roof tops! Well done girls. Those buns are making my mouth water. I am sure you are one very proud Mum and grinning from ear to ear and so you should.

  2. Congratulations to both girls, they do you proud. :-) xx