Monday, 18 October 2010

Monday Monday

Morning - hope you had a fabby weekend...where did it go though I want to know!...wish they lasted as long as my weeks sometimes seem to!
Tidied up my greenhouse yesterday and planted some dwarf stocks....then Archie had one of his play mates round - Barney...and the little "darlings"...decided to play "chase me" in my boarders.....aaaahhhhhh and then argued who had the bone....worse than kids...tired them both out though...
Today's card I made for my mum to give to my niece...not her birthday till end of December - but my mum likes to be organised - worse than me!.....
Made a huge "tag" card...took me forever though...glittering all the flowers and crackled the leaves that I made...quite like the look of it though...and mum loved it so that was ok..
Em at running club tonight - so will tear round the supermarket so I can catch the last half hour of her training to go and sit and watch...first comp of the new season at the end of the month...
Rightie ho..
Have a great one - whatever you do


  1. Hi ya hun
    weekend goes far to quick, luv this card tag, very pretty with all ya sparkley flowers, have good day hun,sue,x

  2. Love the flowers that make up the 18 Sarah and the shape is just beautiful!! Chanelle xx

  3. Yes, where did the weekend go! Don't they just fly by too fast? Loved your little story about Archie, sounds like our dogs!

    Beautiful card Sarah, I am sure your niece will love it. Hope you have a good Monday.
    Love Lynne xx

  4. Weekends always fly by for me too. UGH! At least you were productive.
    Beautiful card, your niece will love it. I bet it took a while but it was worth it.
    Happy Monday! ~jeni :)

  5. This is so gorgeous Sarah.

    Hugs Riet.x

  6. Super pretty! Love all the sparkle!

  7. Hi there Sarah, weekends do indeed go way too quickly.. :-( i think we should be able to have a 2 day week and a 5 day weekend, I might get all the crafting i'd like to have a go at done then.. :-) Drop me an email with your address so I can send you the Petals template I showed on last weeks WOYWW post. :-)

  8. Fabby card Sarah. Lots of work but relly unique! Your niece will love it! I hate how weekends fly by so fast. I was going to say I would like to work a 4 day/10 hour workday week, but then Thistleblue had a better idea. 2/5. That girl sure knows how to think!

  9. Hi Sarah, wow love your large tag, I lurve tags! Beautiful little flowers, what a super idea, hugs Heidi xx