Monday, 8 November 2010


Morning...and its a wet Monday morning...great....never mind had a nice weekend, didn't go to a bonfire as Archie would not stop barking at all the fireworks, and pets and fireworks just don't friend Fiona's dog got attacked by another dog when we were out walking....we only have little dogs, and this HUGE dog jumped over a fence to attack poor was terrible - thankfully Oscar is still alive, but if I had not been there grabbing the other dog off Oscar as he was shaking it like a rag doll in his mouth I am sure he would have killed him...anyway all is ok, Archie was licking Oscar and did not know what to happened so quick...
Anyway onto nicer things..
Got this lovely award from my overseas buddie Jeni aka: Flip-Flop Creations check out her blog - that is one hugely talented lady.....
Rules are you need to pass it on and tell 10 things about yourself, Jeni got a few other awards and probably picked most of my 10 people I would have sent it to, so I will just tell you 10 things about myself.

1. I am a very competitive person - so I am told by Trace...
2. I have size 3 feet - hubby said they were bound as a child!
3. I used to be a HUGE bay City Roller fan in my youth, and then moved onto Thin like most things
4. Despite the arguments at home with 2 teenage daughters - I love them to bits
5. I do nag - I admit it....
6. I love eating Horlicks (the drink)...eating it from the jar - not as a drink
7. I love Marmite and salad cream sandwiches....don't be sick just yet....
8. Love the drink whisky - but only with bitter lemon - when I went to Florida when I was younger got hooked on whisky sour and it stuck!....
9. Hate work - need to win the lottery
10. Hate hearing people blow their noses

Now you are so much more wiser about me....not
Have a fantastic Monday and thanks again Jeni...
Sarah x


  1. Eeeek there's a few 'yucks' in there.... but well done for sharing! x

  2. Well--Monday's happen, huh?! It will be over soon enough! Poor Oscar! I had a small dog as a child that was attacked by the neighbors german shephard-mine ended up with a bald spot on her back-the dog took a chunk out of her skin and killed the nerve endings! When we moved from Ohio to Florida we had to watch she didn't get sunburned as she loved laying in the sun! Hang in there! It will get better!

  3. Oh Sarah, your Christmas countdown is stressin' me out. LOL (just kidding)
    Size 3??? Holy moly! ~jeni :)

  4. Poor Oscar. I am so happy he is ok! I know it must have scared you, Fiona and Archie half to death. You are a brave lady to save little Oscar!

    Congratulations on your Blog award. Well deserved. Yours is one of my favorite. I check it daily. Love hearing your stories and seeing your fabulous cards!

    Hugs, Linda