Wednesday, 1 December 2010

snow again

Just thought I would share some pics with you of Archie today in snowy Yorkshire....He does have a little coat but ran out without it on- so only lasted 2 mins before he had collected more snow on himself and was frozen......
Plonked himself in front of the fire
And I thought...ummmm he's a bit go and find that the little "darling" had found and opened a xmas present.....good job it was for him!.....
Hope it snows tomorrow so I can stay at home - hate driving in snow....
Hugs to all
Sarah x


  1. Awe, Archie is very clever finding his pressie. We have had lots more snow here today in Sheffield and it is still snowing. Take care keep warm. Love Lynne xx

  2. I saw Archie and got all excited!! What a bad boy for opening his Christmas present early!!! Can't be mad at him though huh? He's too cute ~jeni

  3. hi ya hun
    aww gorgeous piccies of him in the snow, oh pmsl naught archie it no be time to open pressie yet, you obviously not got him an advent calender or he would have known the that! lol.sue.x

  4. Aww bless... Archie has the same problem in this snow that Suzie does - their legs are too short!!!
    Ha! Ha! lol @ him opening his present early.., he just couldn't wait.
    Caroline xxx

  5. What a sweetie and a very cheeky little fellow opening pressies this early!!! Chanelle xxx

  6. pmsl at your comment on me blog hun, i just read it to gr, what ya mean ya no like it??? no i didnt sew them on i bought it of QVC! lol,l it sparkles lovely when the sun shines, lol, sue,xx

  7. I would say Archie has the right idea today. I've kept warm and eaten chocolates we bought for Christmas. :-) xx

  8. Oh he is so cute. He looks like a frozen little pupsicle! Ha Ha Well Mum you ought to know better than leave his presents where he can find them. Guess you will just have to go buy him some more! Hope you get a break from the snow. Was hot on Thanksgiving and tonight it is supposed to be freezing. I have to bring all my plants in.

  9. He sure looks like he is having fun in the snow!! What a smart dog, he found his own gift!!
    Jodi =)

  10. Hu i no see no message on DT bout 171??? hope you had goods day,sue.x