Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Sorry I missed posting yesterday...Yes surprise surprise - we had to pick up Bex from Kings of Leon on Fri...got the phone call to say that would have to catch the late train at 1am - getting into York at 6am as it was the slow one - sorry - that is just not going to happen...and then had phone call from Emily to say she was getting back from France at 12.30 ish - turned out to be 1am...so I was dead on the Sat..so where has my weekend gone?
Onto today's card - one I did at the Craft Den...dead easy...stamped the first image in white pva glue...let it dry and then stamped in inks the others...inked here and there and the background paper is just crumpled up paper - inked then crumpled up again and inked again...hey presto...
And a close up.....
Bex went for her driving theory test today..and as I never went with her to nag and say - have you got this - have you got that...she left her paper copy of her driving licence at home and they would not let her sit the test...so that means we have to pay another £30...aaaaaahhhhhh...This is why parents get cross and need to de-stress so much...She was gutted - but there was nothing I could do as I was at work....she'll learn the hard way I am afraid....cos next time she is paying!
Have a nice relaxing stress free day everyone.
Hugs to you all
Sarah x


  1. Lovely card...great techniques, that I will have to try out!! Love the whole teenage daughter thing! Mine took her car back to Sheffield Uni for an exam last week cos she reckoned it was cheaper than the train (from Manchester) and ended up with not only a parking ticket, but a speeding one too.. like yours , she's learning the hard way too..I'm NOT bailing her out this time!! AAAARRRGH!! x

  2. Love the card. I;ve not tried that technique?
    So sorry about the girls! Raising teens is not an easy time! Breathe, mom! Blessings, Sharon

  3. Lovin this card and the techniques Sarah.... and I know that feeling so well about the girls... tho mine are a bit older now, I still get it every now and again..
    Christine x

  4. Your post made me laugh, I did things like that many a time to my mum! Love the card, I couldn't make the card class, looks like you made some lovely things, K x

  5. Teenagers....*sigh*!! Hope you get caught up on your rest Sarah. Your card is beautiful! Love the double stamp technique, great dimension. ~jeni :)

  6. What a beautiful card Sarah.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  7. Oh hun
    kids what they like, hope you get to chill this weekend hun, totally gorgeous card, luv the effect, beautiful papers & design, sue,x