Saturday, 27 August 2011


Morning - and another shocking day and Yorkshire - Poor Bex is soaked at Leeds Festival - outdoor concert over 5 days she has gone to - her tent has a dad who is near - brought her and her friend home for a shower and a hot meal - she is loving it though...ummmm I am just thinking of all the mess!.
Thought I would show this pic of hubby and Em at the coast the other day - quite nice day...Archie is in the distance drinking the sea water - stupid dog - makes him sick.....
Popping it on over at Sassy Cheryls - show me Thurs #39.....
Back to work on Tues as sadly my numbers never came up on the lottery!
Have a good weekend - hope it is not wet where you are
Sarah x


  1. What a great pic!!! Question. . . .so did the dog get sick? :) Hopefully before he got to the car or house!
    Thanks for sharing in the SMThursday fun.

  2. Fabulous piccie hun...and hope poor Archie wasn't too poorly.... Oops..!

    have a lovely B/H...big hugs Vicky xx

  3. Beautiful Em and Handsome Hubby. Funny how that picture could be on Myrtle Beach. Ocean is Ocean no matter what country it is. One big difference is that here they would most definitely not have on long sleeves. TOOOOOO HOT here!

    Do we need to send Get Well cards to Archie?

    Bex is young and will have memories to share with her grandchildren from the Leeds Festival. That is why young people go to outdoor concerts and old people watch and shake their heads.

  4. Fab picture - lol @ Archie.
    Poor Bex, I remember my 2 coming home caked in mud! They still have a fab time though.

  5. Hi hun
    oh now that doesnt sound like fun to me, not into them muddy music festivals to old! lol,
    lovely piccie hun, sue,x

  6. Fantastic picture and Em is beautiful. Camping out in the rain is right up there with going to the dentist to have a cavity filled.