Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Morning - day off today - not for pleasure - need to take Emily for a physio appointment, she has not been running for a while as has a niggling problem in her leg so need to get an assessment on it...She misses her running - so do I actually...Hopefully they will say she is ok and we can get back to the track.
Today's card is a fab Stella...go through phases of fave images - and yup....its Stella phase at the moment.
Love the sentiment on this card....

Stella's got her glitter shoes in - even whist baking!...
Enjoy your day....I will cos I am not at work....nice to not be there....
Sarah x


  1. Great card - fab sentiment.


  2. Hope its a good report from the doctor! Love the glittery shoes! great job as usual! Enjoy your day of freedom from the dulldrums of work! Blessings, Sharon

  3. Hi Hon
    Fab card... and brill sentiment! And hope Emily's physio appt goes well!
    Btw, and to do with your cake decorating.... I have an Alphabet and Number Cutter Set here - any use to you? I bought it to try with fimo a couple of years back, but found after trying the first letter, it didn't work! Anyway.... it is totally fimo-free..... and yours if you want it. Let me know
    Christine x
    PS will send you a photo if you like.... letters are only about three quarters of an inch high.... http://www.cakecraftshop.co.uk/cgi-bin/trolleyed_public.cgi?action=showprod_C86232&url=http://www.cakecraftshop.co.uk/shop/2/77/460/index.htm
    Check it out x

  4. LOL! I love the image and your sentiment is perfect! Fabulous card, Sarah!!! Hope you're doing well girlfriend, and hope the appt brings good news today!!
    hugs, Sharon

  5. So long since I've been by Sarah!! Hope you are ok and Emilys appointment went well today.

    Loving the card especially the beautiful shoes! Chanelle xxx

  6. What a gorgeous card Sarah.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  7. Love Stella's Fabby sparkle shoes!!! Great layout Sarah, guess I need to get started on my Christmas cards too. Hope everything checks out well with Emily. ~jeni :)

  8. Loving the dimension and texture you have created with this fab Stella image. Whenever I put stuff on my image I always end up smudging it or poking it before it's dry. I'm very impatient. Hope Emily get the all clear so she can start running again. :-) xx

  9. Just fab, Sarah. I NEED some shoes like that - and I would wear them for baking too...lol**
    Hope the physio appoint. went well.
    Caroline xxx

  10. Now wouldn't you like to wake up and find that under your Christmas Tree? NOT!!!! :) She does have divine shoes though Darling!