Monday, 16 January 2012

Monday - here again

Well Monday is here...again!!!!...How was your weekend..mine was chaotic.....Emily had problems with her back muscle...think this is what cause the hamstring injury last year resulting in not running in competitions for nearly a hence her times this weekend have been shocking...but as I said to her..she has been out for nearly a year - needs to build things back....she needs to sort out her she has been on the wii fit to see if that helps...
On to today's posting
Wow these were quick and inexpensive to make...made these 3 paper pads...pencils cost 20p each, and paper them.....a bit of glue and some flowers later - 3 shopping pads....what do you think?

Thanks for popping by - hope to see you on Wednesday

Sarah x


  1. They are FAB hon! Sorry to hear Emily is suffering.... ouch for her!
    Christine x

  2. These are just fab Sarah love them! Hope that Emily is ok and back to her speedy self soon!Chanelle xxx

  3. Great gifts Sarah, love the fun pencils. Tell Emily slow but sure and I hope she feels better soon. :-) xx

  4. Won't those look cute on a desk. I like the fun pencils. Poor Em. Don't you hate it when your babies suffer? Good luck to her on the Wii Fit.

  5. These are really cute, Sarah. Now, I would have to tie string to those pencils - they tens to go walkabout in our house! ;-)
    Hope Em's not too down about her times - she will come back stronger, I'm sure.
    Caroline xxx

  6. Hi ya hun
    i hope Emily's back is feeling better. Luv these little sets you have made they look brill, sue,x