Monday, 14 May 2012

Penny Black hens

Morning.............Hope you had a good weekend....I had chronic pains across my shoulders last week - stress related I am sure...starting to ease today - until the next time...
On a positive note Em came 3rd in the Yorkshire Championships so really chuffed as she has been down with her running recently - but lets hope things are on the up now.
Love this Penny Black image....made it for my sister in laws birthday.

Coloured in with Copics.....and yes there is NO glitter on this card - hard to believe - but there we have it.
Hope you all have a good Monday...chin up - Friday will be here soon.....Zumba tonight...fab - love it...


  1. What a gorgeous card Sarah.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  2. Love this image!!So fun! Great card!

  3. Cute! I need to be doing all of that! lol! Feel better and try and relax some! Blessings, Sharon

  4. Chronic pain across shoulders--just read that-again. Try This....stand facing a corner. Put your hands on either wall at shoulder height. Lean into the corner like you were lowering yourself to do a push up and hold that for a few seconds-minute. Then come back up and rest a few. Repeat. Another one is--not in a corner-lol--bend at the waist and drop your arm down. Swing arm as if you were drawing a circle. You can also add a little weight to that hand if you can tolerate it. Repeat with other arm. This should help release those knotted up shoulder/upper back muscles! HTH! Blessings, Sharon