Saturday, 16 June 2012

Sloe Gin bottle for cold UK

Hi my blogging buddies

Well low and behold - yet again it is raining in Yorkshire - and this is our summer!!!!!! out with the Sloe Gin.....and also because I still have a cold - purely medicinal......
So I thought I would make a little tag before I have a little slurp tonight when I sit down......

Used a Hanglar image which I just added my name - this is to show it is mine and no one else can drink it...I picked them...I bottled them...I strained them...So I am drinking them!!!!!

Em had a fab run today - she is getting back on form after her injury last year12.8seconds for 100 metres today....not bad....and as she runs with the under 17 year old ones and is only 15...not bad time...need to keep shaving a bit off it now...
Well happy Fathers day to anyone who is reading this for tomorrow. I have done my dad as always a food hamper of all the things my mum won't let him eat....just because she has a high cholesterol - my poor dad is not allowed the food too....
Hugs to all

Sarah xxx


  1. Yummy Yummy Sarah I bet it tastes divine and good on ya, after all the hard work you drink it!!

    Love the label such a shame it wont be there for long!!!! lol

    Have a great weekend and I'm so glad Em is getting back on track. Love Chanelle xx

  2. HI Sarah--any consulation---it's rained almost 2 weeks here now...and that sets my fibromyalgia raging...rum drinks help, however---so I can relate to your Sloe Gin! Cute tag! Enjoy! Blessings, Sharon

  3. Simply fabulous Sarah...and yum yum too sweetie :o)

    have a lovely weekend hun...big hugs Vicky xx

  4. aww hope you feelin better soon hun, bloody weather is crap!!!! roll on end of year! lol, Luv sloe gin fab tag, cheers hun,xx

  5. At last......sorry to hear you are ill, hope your feeling better soon. I am sure some sun would help. Well done to Em, great to hear she is getting her form back.

    Love the tag, mmmm slow gin, what else could a girl want on a wet miserable Sat night.
    Take care, hugs Lynne xox

  6. <<<<----------- leaving Wetherby on way to York quick.... Oooh that looks good Sarah! I remember making Damson Gin..... and my goodness, that was potent!

    Christine x

  7. I have heard of wineglass tags, but this bottle tag is a first! Brilliant friend, I almost hope your cold doesn't go away! Enjoy