Monday, 23 July 2012

Mondays here again

Yes - sorry have not been blogging for a while...going in fits and starts these days.....
Got to go for a competitive interview for my own job with all NHS cut backs - so thinking about that these days - just do not know what is going on - and I am sure I will be the last to find out....but what will be will be - no point dwelling about it....
So on a happier note - onto today's this just inked image...though not sure about the sentiment.....Rattling off another birthday.......

Cut out some twirls to match the snakes colours - sort of branches and just blobbed a drop of liquid pearls on the end...Glossed his eyes and tongue - and crackled the branch.......and not a drop of glitter in sight!...
Gardened most of the weekend as it was so nice....makes a change for the UK.....and I am shattered today....and it's Zumba tonight...always feel better after I have been...
Enjoy your day whatever you are doing...and thanks Sharon for asking where I was....


  1. So gorgeous card Sarah.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  2. Love the swirly card Sarah. So sorry this job thing hasn't been settled yet. Fingers crossed for you Sweetie!

  3. Love the card! The greens and purples pop! Glad you are ok! Prayers for the job situation-we've been through it with my husband's job (so far alls well...) and I have a feeling some things will be changing with mine as word had it a budget committee meeting last week "wasn't going to be good". I guess I will find out in a little while! It's in God's hands... Hang in there! Blessings, Sharon

  4. Hello there Mrs. Hope you've been enjoying a sunny weekend - makes a change from all that rain.
    Bah! Interviewing for your own job - it's ridiculous, isn't it? Good luck with it all, hun.
    Fab card - so cheerful and the sentiment is great.
    Caroline xxx

  5. Beautiful card Sarah and just love the snake and I think the sentiment is just great!!!

    My sister is in the same situation its rediculous that you have to have an interview for your own job especially after years of service! Will keep everything crossed for you!!

    I'm the same with blogging can go for days without posting then post for a few days just life isn't it!!!!

    Hope you are well anyway and enjoyed your Zumba class even though you where already shattered talk about a gluten for punishment!!! lol

    Love and hugs Chanelle xxx

  6. Fabulous card hon.. love that cheeky snake!!

    So sorry to hear you're having to reapply for your own job.. i know that happens often now.... Will keep my fingers very firmly crossed for you!!

    Btw.... if you pop over to my blog today, you'll see that we're starting up a fab new challenge blog, for lovers of PINK everywhere!! Hope you can join in the fun and help spread the word!

    Christine x

  7. LOVE your green and purple snake!! See, if they looked like that in real life I might not be so scared of them. Lol
    Thinking good thoughts and sending you good vibes. Hugs ~jeni :)