Saturday, 26 January 2013

I've got a new job!

Thanks to all that have been asking - my job that i needed to apply for STILL has not gone to interview - fed up of the uncertainty - I applied for a new job - and found out yesterday - not only had I got it - but I have got so so so chuffed with in 4 weeks I start......
New team called the LAT - Local Area Team - still with the NHS (National Health Service) - I won't bore you with the In's and outs...but brill - so location....and it will be near a John Lewis that is opening up around here so even better!!!what more could a girl ask for - (John Lewis is a fab department store for my over the seas buddies if you do not know).....So last night fizz and nice meal - tonight out with my bezzies Trace and Fiona...and Sun day of crafting - I hope!!!...
Today's card is a simple one -but I really like it - did not think I would.
And the inside - dead easy to do - emboss some card - cut out the centre...add a bit of liquid peals - print out a sentiment..........and hey presto......

So I am on a role - it is not even the end of December and I have already done 3 of my New Year resolutions.
Clear the loft
Get a new job
Don't always be the one to drive home from a night out - make sure he takes his turns.......and the last one - is to win a huge amount on the never know Lynda I could be crossing the waters to meet with you and Jen....fingers crossed...
Hugs to all



  1. Hi hun
    congratulations on your job & promotion, you must be well chuffed, Me snow only lasted a day hun, been lovely most of this week!!!! sue,xx

  2. So very pretty hun...and big congrats with your new job very pleased for you..:o)

    big hugs Vicky xx

  3. Congratulations Sarah new job and promotion how wonderful good right to be chuffed. Lovely card, enjoy the rest of your your weekend. Hugs Lynne xox

  4. Congrats on your new job Sarah...your card is beautiful.
    Wendy xx

  5. Hi Sarah

    CONGRATULATIONS AND WELL DONE YOU!!! Sounds like it's going to be a good year for you... and ooohhh near the John Lewis... which I'm sure I'll be visiting when it opens... they've said around Easter?? Can't imagine they can get it done that fast unless it's Easter next year!

    Ooooh and your card is gorgeous too!
    Christine x

  6. me again.... yes it's Easter 2014! Delayed cos of newts!! hehe


  7. Way to go, Sarah! So happy for all the positives going on for you! Best wishes with the new job! Blessings, Sharon ps/thanks for telling us what the store is--had no clue! ; )

  8. Way to go Sarah! Congratulations on the new job. Grab a glass of champagne and enjoy. It is so good you like your new team, makes the days so much more enjoyable.