Wednesday, 16 January 2013

wedding card

Morning-so winter is here at last..........lots of nice snow...though icy this morning so be careful..
Today's card I love - so simple.
Computer generated colouring...
Close up
And this is the inside of the card
Thanks goes to Christine for allowing me to pinch her idea...cheers hun...
Day off work on Friday - Bex is homesick so off to see her for the day in Newcastle and going to see Les Miserables at the cinema....and of course girlie shopping!!!!


  1. Hi Sarah..

    Gorgeous wedding card... love it with the blue... but as I said on my post, not MY idea... twas Mandi's from Less is More originally! She's a clever lady indeed!

    We're off to see Les Mis in Harrogate this afternoon... what could be better than sitting for nearly three hours watching Hugh Jackman.... and he can sing too!!

    Christine x

  2. Beautiful card Sarah, love the design.
    Wendy xx

  3. Love your wedding card, great design where ever you got it! Enjoy your day off. Hugs Lynne xx

  4. Just love it Sarah looks so elegant and just perfect for a wedding!!! Sorry about the "Snow" hope its not as freezing as it is here!! lol Have a lovely girly day with your daughter Love Chanelle xxx

  5. It's lovely Sarah...:o)

    Big hugs Vicky xx

  6. Hi ya hun
    hope all is well with you, did you get your job???
    a gorgeous card,beautiful design, we had some snow last week!! was -3! piccies on me blog, sue,x

  7. Love this wedding card. So elegant. We don't have any snow, but it turned cold today. My daughter took me to see Les Miserable 2 weeks ago and it was fantastic. Unbelievable. I enjoyed it so much. Let me know what you think! Hope you enjoyed your girls day and found something you just couldn't live without. LOL Happy Weekend Sarah.

  8. Hi Sarah

    Perfect wedding card and I love the clean & simple look!

    Love Kerry xxx