Sunday, 3 February 2013

Heart buns

Happy Sunday....
Wet and cold outside - day to craft!......
Made these buns last night - nothing special I know...but the secret is inside...............

A cake love heart inside.......

Really effective for a special bun.....and so simple...All it is is make a normal sponge mixture 1 third of it colour up pink and cook in a flat tin -  when cooked - cut out hearts with a cookie cutter so that the heart is no bigger than the bun case.....pop them in the freezer. When they have gone hard, take out, put a blob of bun mixture on the base of the bun liner - stand upright your hard heard, and fill round with cake mixture to cover the heart - same amount of mixture you would use in a normal bun...pop in oven - note where your heart was stood up - I did a tiny mark on the bun case.... When buns are ready to come out of the oven - slice to reveal a heart - if you slice and no heart - then you know you have sliced in the wrong spot.......great for that special valentine in your life!!!

Happy Crafting...
Entered into Sassy Cheryl's - Show me Thursday.....



  1. OMGosh Sarah! These are such FABULOUS cupcakes. I'll take a dozen. . .do you deliver? LOL LOVE IT!
    Thanks for playing along in the Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday fun this week.

  2. Amazing Sarah. They were pretty on the outside but when you showed the heart on the inside, WOW! You are so talented. Hugs and Happy Sunday to you.

  3. Beautiful Sarah and what a great idea thanks for sharing!! Chanelle xxx

  4. Hi Sarah, re: the salad jars - they didn't go mushy at all. I kept most of the ingredients as dry as poss eg: kept the tomstoes whole and just tore the lettuce rather than cutting it, so it didn't go brown.

    These heart buns are fabulous. What a clever way to make the heart.
    Caroline xxx

  5. What a fun idea Sarah. Perfect for that secret Valentine. :-) xx