Thursday, 28 February 2013

Sweetie birthday cake

What do you make a student when it is their birthday?...sweet feast cake!!!.

This cake though contains no cake as I thought sweets would go down it is is dried oasis - you know the stuff that flower arrangers use to display flowers.....make into a circle and tape up sticking on a cake board
Hollow out the centre

I started sticking on using Velcro (dressmakers tape) - but then changed to just gluing....glue away...

Added sparklers to the top and stuck round lots of additives and preservatives that all kids/adults love...
Love it and so did Bex...Happy 19th Bex...
Entered in Sassy Cheryls - Show me Thursday - Hope you all like it as I did get a moan last week that I had not posted treats - so here's to that moaner....yes you Cheryl!!!!!...only joking!.
Sorry not posted much last week - new job....and this Sat is is my wonder if I will get a cake like this - ummmm doubt it very much!!



  1. FABULOUS Sarah. My youngest would love this 'cake'

  2. Not surprised that Bex loved it. Very creative. Happy Birthday Sarah. Celebrate it to the fullest.

  3. OMG - THAT's what I call a cake :-)
    Sarah - my birthday is in September ... ha ha!
    I'm sure Bex loved it - hope she had a great Birthday.
    How's the job going - did you say it was at Clifton Moor?? or Monks Cross?? I always get those two confused.
    Anyhoo.. have a fabulous Birthday, hun. Lots of 'proper' cake and wine. :-)
    Caroline xxx

  4. Yummy looking cake Sarah.. just my type... lots of nice cadbury's! I saw someone doing a sweet bouquet somewhere in blogland recently... you know the boxes that come holding flower bouquets (that hide the water?) She'd used that idea and put her sweets on sticks! Clever!

    Happy birthday for tomorrow hon..
    Christine x

  5. Well, I'm not a student, and I would LOVE to get this yummy gift! I think some of my teeth rotted out just looking at it! LOL Love it, Sarah. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sarah, this is a great idea, and has me licking my lips. I'm sure your student LOVED it.

  7. Sarah, now that would be my kind of cake too, I like candy much more than cake, and it shows :) really neat idea.