Monday, 22 April 2013

Piggie Birthday cake

Just finished this cake - thought I would post it...Hubby's Birthday tomorrow - Happy 48th Stephen...- blimey - getting nearer to the big 50.......

This was such an easy cake to make - all it is is a basic sponge - I then covered the top with deeweeeeelish 60 million calories chocolate topping - made some little piggies out of fondant icing and sank them in the icing - edged with chocolate fingers - tied with a ribbon - hey presto...pigs in a hot tub of mud!

Love the piggies bottoms in the air...
Have a Fabby day



  1. OMG Sarah!!! This hilarious, clever and yummy all at the same time. Great job on those little piggies, they look amazing. You should have your own bakery girl. ~jeni :)

  2. YUM. This cake looks fabulous Sarah. The Little Piggies look like their having a great time. :-) xx

  3. Mmmmmmmmmm whereabouts in York are you??? I'm ON MY WAY!!! I can almost taste that gorgeous cake!! LOVIN those little piggie bums!!

    Christine x

  4. See. . . .there you go with the sweets again Sarah! LOL
    It looks SUPER yummy! Happy b-day to your DH! You think he will share?
    Thanks for playing along in the SMThursday fun at Sassy Cheryl's!

  5. I absolutely love this cake. It just makes me smile.

  6. OMG - that is a serious chocolate cake, Sarah.
    Ha ha - I wouldn't mind diving into that!
    Hope you enjoyed it.
    Caroline xxx

  7. What an imagination. This not only looks fabulous, it looks beyond delicious. Happy late birthday Stephen.