Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hot Hot Hot

Heatwave or what!!! and my poor  little fella is suffering!...he is just flaked out all of the time - which is unusual as he is sooooo hyper.

Gardens looking good - had to show you some pics of some fox gloves - yes I know they are a common plant - no Chelsea Flower show - but I love them.....Did I mention I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new camera....I know I am no David Bailey - but you have to start somewhere!

Emily sadly did not get into the finals at English schools with her running - but a week later she won this at school
Way to go - next weekend she is representing Yorkshire over in Hull, and she has just been picked to represent England North East for the UK School Games in September.

Bex has just passed her 1st year at Uni doing Law got a 2:1 - so so so proud of her...roll on all the other years of hard study...

Basically - proud mum of my 2 girls

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  1. Hi Sarah hope you are well and wow i love you fox gloves they are just fab i don't think you can beat cottage garden plants!!! i do feel for your little pooch it is so warm he must be shattered!!! Take care Love Chanelle xxx

  2. Your pup is so cute and love the flowers!Congrats to your girls!

  3. Poor little Archie. Love that picture of his sweet face. Congratulations to the girls. You should be a proud Mum! Hun I have to say I love your flowers, but haven't I seen them in icing form on a cake? You are a multi-talented gal for sure. Hot here too, so we are staying inside with the AC. Hugs

  4. Firstly, well done to the girls. It's good when effort gets rewarded. Secondly, I know how Archie feels, I keep hiding in the shade panting and thirdly your pictures are beautiful. I can see why you love your new camera. :-) xx

  5. Great pix Sarah :) Sorry to hear it's a heat wave over there - not exactly cool here either. 90 today & of course my 10 yr old has a baseball game. Ugh. Love your pooch, such a cutie! Sending cool wishes ~

  6. Aww bless, Sarah. You must be so proud of your girls - they are doing so well.
    Archie is so cute. Our Suzie is so stupid that she would sit in the sun all day. She gets so hot I have to make her come in!!
    Caroline xxx

  7. Sarah, living in the US Deep South, I can tell you about heat and humidity. Poor Archie can't do anything else, as it's just to physically demanding.

    Love your pictures of your foxgloves. They may be common to you, but not here, so I'm loving them. Isn't it amazing what a good camera can do?

    Congrats to both your DD's. I think they have a lot of their Mum in them. You have every reason to be proud of both of them.

  8. I know what you mean. . . .I'm so ready for fall and cooler temps. That humidity just whips you out!
    Stay cool. . . .Love those gorgeous flowers.
    Thanks for joining us in the Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday fun!!

  9. Hey girl!!!! Have you cooled off yet? Poor little guy looks beat! Funny how exhausted the sun can make you feel, huh? Gorg flowers!!!! Hope you're doing well! I'm excited I've had some time to actually blog hop!!!! :)