Sunday, 5 January 2014

Car birthday cake


First post of 2014 - so Happy New Year....

Had a break for Xmas - nice as always lots to do.....

Had Bex home for Xmas - though just taken her back to Uni - though she is coming home every 3 weeks so that's nice - though can my fridge hold up to it and my biscuits???...

Made this cake for a friend at work she wanted a car cake for her husbands birthday - first car cake - its ok - but so out of my comfort zone....

Just sponge inside - she assured me it tasted nice - always a worry as you never know.

Emily was 17 on New Years Eve...time flys - so doing this post while she has gone out for her first my car!......mission to get her passed this year...but soooo expensive - even the provisional licence these days is £50...then lessons...then the theory test...and then the of Mum and Dad is very thin on the ground at the moment...
Had a lovely Xmas - even joined a gym...went to a stability ball class!! know one of these balls that you sit on and apparently work your "core"...well fell off the damn thing - may I add in spectacular style...bruised one elbow and bled on the other...really hurt...did I cry?...inside...but not on the outside..anyway - my mates now want me to do a class on Tues and Friday this week....doing it on the mat this time!!!!
Hugs to all



  1. Happy New Year to you too Mrs. The car is over the top fabulous. It pays to step out of your comfort zone doesn't it. Wow. Does Emily want one just like it? So good to see you back to blogging again.

  2. Wow, that cake is fantastic! I can bake pretty well, but I could never do anything like this! Too funny about the ball, sorry you hurt yourself but it makes for a good story :) Happy New Year to you, Sarah!

  3. Fabbie cake hon.... and am still giggling at the mental image I have of you falling off that ball! NEVER EVER put me on one of those things..

    Christine x

  4. WOW. . .this is just STUNNING! You always amazed me with your creations. LOVE IT
    Thanks for joining us in the Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday fun!!

  5. Happy New Year, Mrs.
    Fab cake - you'll be making a 'passed yout test' one for Emily before you know it!
    Ha ha... can just imagine you falling off that ball ;-)
    I didn't make it to the gym today - that makes six years in a row!!
    Caroline xxxx