Sunday, 8 March 2015


Just thought I would do a quick post before I head off to spinning...

WOULD have posted a cake - but for some reason I cannot get the image to get up off its side......aaaahhhhhhhh even edit image rotate still leaves it on the side when I try and blog it...and to say it is annoying me is an understatement.....It WAS a cake where the maltesers are coming out of the packet - first attempt - and it was ok...will keep trying - but for the moment - just imagine the cake.

It was Bex's 21st and she did not want a traditional cake - choc....she came home for the day and wanted us to go to the beach....have fish and chips......home made pizza for tea...light the a game or 2 of Linkee (if you have never heard of it - google it - its brill - a word association game) and watch the voice.....
Think it may have had something to do with a party at Uni the next day and she did not want to over do it!.....
So headed off to Filey on the East Coast...cold windy - but sooooooooooooooo refreshing

And this is a pic of my two lovely daughters and boyfriends...Had a lovely family weekend 

Speak soon

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  1. Hi Sarah, Happy Birthday to Bex. That sounds like the perfect weekend, hun.
    Yep. We're moving back (if we can ever sell this place!) I've never really settled here - you can take the girl out of Harrogate... etc ;-)
    Mike's got a job in Ripon and is travelling backwards and forwards for now. So, fingers crossed that a buyer comes along soon.
    Caroline xxx