Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Pole dancer birthday cake

Why does work get in the way of blogging...cake making and card making...would much prefer to do this all day....guess answer is bills!

Anyway....thought I would show you this new cake of a pole dancer. My friends daughter was 21 and I was asked to do a cake for her of her pole dancing...fruit on the bottom cake - sponge on the top

I so need to go to night school for camera lessons now - sorry for the poor pictures

 Made some makeup out of icing and a phone
And of course a pole an earth they stay up there is beyond me...actually how they get up there in the first place is beyond me!
Made another cake which I will show soon - promise...if you want to see my previous cakes just click on the cake label on the left of the posting and it will show you them all, and go through them...I have so many that I still have not posted yet...soon...promise
Hope you are enjoying this so called heat wave - though it is not in Yorkshire!!!


  1. WOW! Sarah your cake is absolutely fabulous!
    Wendy xx

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