Monday, 18 July 2011


Morning - Ohhhh latesish - well for me this am....sorry...woke up in middle of the night and then could not get back to - went to sleep and then slept when should be awake - typical.
Today's is not a card - but 2 gift boxes I made - one for a boy/one for a girl.
Easy in theory - but needed thinking about...This is the girl one...closed and opened is a box inside where you put yr gift - just noticed not glued that bit down properly on the it with the MS butterfly's on and a tag in the box for you to write yr message on - write this before you stick it down or its hard to do...

And this is the boys one

minus the girlie additions.

Have a great day - hopefully not too wet - though raining here in Yorkshire at the moment.............


  1. Your gift boxes are gorgeous Sarah and perfect for any little gifts.

    I sleept in too, up in the night with a poorly dog! Have a good day, its fine here at the moment although rain has been forecast. Hugs Lynne xx

  2. So gorgeous Sarah.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  3. Great gift boxes Sarah! Looks complicated to me. I can see me with sticky all over my fingers and a big mess. Lol Fabulous job! ~jeni :)

  4. Hi hun
    aww these gift boxes look fabulous, so where are the distructions for the idiot here!!! Hope ya have better nites kip 2nite, sue,x

  5. Fab boxes hon.. Of course we're going to need a tutorial now.. You realise that don't you? Lol!
    Christine x