Friday, 24 August 2012

Sorry - what a bad blogger...

Morning - I know - slap my wrists for not blogging for ages......My dad has been ill...turns out he now needs open heart surgery - just off to hospital now to pick him up....then he will need to go back in a week for surgery and then low and behold father in law ambulanced in last night with a heart attack......blimey it all comes at once...
On a happier note - Bex got into University - she is off to Northumbria to do law...nearer home which I am now I am buying all bits and pieces...she has to learn how to cook now...wash...clean....Oh dear...what has let herself in for - she might realise when she comes home how well she is looked after at home.
She is off to the Lake District today for a week with her boyfriend...though it is due to rain all week - but it always does in the Lakes!.
Thought I would show you some Lilys I made out of icing...sorry no close up a first attempt-do not think they are too bad....
I am having Lazor eye surgery on Monday....sort of looking forward to it - so I will be glasses/contacts free...but also panicking slightly...
Take Care - and I will try to be a better blogger........honest.Oh yes - STILL no news on the job front!
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  1. Sarah you have so much on your plate and still manage to create gorgeous crafts. Your icing creation is so elegant. I'm saying prayers for your family and congratulations to Bex for getting into University. Thinking about you and your eye surgery and I hope all goes well. Take care of yourself <3 -hugs -Kim

  2. Hi Sarah.... so sorry to hear the problems you've been having.... your blog title certainly says it all! Hope they all improve soon!

    And ooooh errrr..... should I break it to you gently, that at uni they may learn to cook a little.... but wash and clean???? Not often methinks!! hehe

    Love those calla lilies.... and hope the surgery goes well!

    Christine x

  3. Sarah---Remember--God never gives us more than we can handle! I keep telling him but I don't want to be the Incredible Hulk! Geesh! You've got your hands full! Thoughts and prayers my friend. Glad you found some time to play a little bit-and blog about it as well! Keep us posted. Prayers for successful surgeries and healing! Blessings, Sharon
    Oh-and smooth transition for daughter!

  4. Been thinking about you. So glad you posted. Prayers prayers and more prayers to you sweetie. Congrats to Bex. Very proud of her. Your Calla Lillie's are awesome. I can't believe you haven't heard about the job yet. Have a glass of the Sloe and hang in there.

  5. Hi Sarah! Sorry it's been so long since I've visited. Just don't have the time for blogging much anymore. :( Sending prayers for successful surgeries for all. A big congrats to Bex!! Oh my gosh, your flowers are gorgeous! Beautiful job!!!
    hugs, Sharon

  6. What? No delicious food/dessert this week? Good thing though. I didn't need those extra pounds. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad and his surgery. Certainly will keep you and your family in my prayers.
    Thanks for playing along in the Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday this week.