Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Well its a miracle - I can see after my laser eye surgery - wow - its brilliant, though I do keep going to push my glasses on my nose....weired feeling...still dry...but no pain...fabbbbbbb.
Well great weather we are having - not...blimey I choose my time well to take leave!.
Today's card is a fab new Mo Manning image recently it
Sorry - again no close up - hopeless I know......
Short posting as trying not to stress my eyes...
Hugs to all



  1. What a gorgeous card.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  2. Hi Sarah, lovely of you to stop by, I'm real chuffed you did. I do miss our old DT gang!! Fab card, love that image, there's so much detail in it. Happy rest and recuperation after the eye surgery, glad it all went well. I'm down the road in East Yorkshire so if you ever want to try and meet up, I'm up for it. Visited Ria in Holland when on hols just over week ago! - Hey, a reunion in Amsterdam for us all - now there's a thought rofl.


    Mel X

  3. You take care of those eyes Sarah.. glad the surgery went well!

    Fab card with a brilliant Mo image!

    Christine x

  4. Go easy on the eyes! glad to hear it was a success! How's Dad? The card is great, by the way! Blessings, Sharon

  5. Oh wow! Congrats on the surgery, Sarah. Glad that it's all gone well. I would love to have mine done, but I'm too much of a scardy cat! ;-)
    Congrats on your daughter getting into Uni too - how exciting for her and Northumbria isn't too far away from you. Cloe enough for her to bring her washing**
    Sounds like your family are single handedly keeping the cardiac unit open!! Hope evrything goes well with them.
    Great card - love that image.
    Caroline xxx

  6. Glad your surgery was successful. I know it had to be kind of scary for you. Your coloring is fantastic. Hugs, Linda