Sunday, 29 September 2013

Birthday cake

Happy Sunday everyone......
Well I have had a nice chilled out weekend....
Went dog walking yesterday over to Harrogate with a friend from work - really really nice - beautiful day - and of course - as you do...end up at a little pub for a nibble...had beer battered fish - wow oh wow was it nice......and then of course walked it off - so it does not count!.....

As promised made this cake for my friends 40th the other weekend...hubby made the sponge and I did the icing - as usually prefer to do fruit cakes - but turned out ok - phew!....

 I was just asked to make a bunch of flowers on the top - so did roses, sweet peas and lily of the valley....and ivy leaves - all out of icing - thought it looked very feminine and girlie...
 Then on the bottom just added a sprig of lily of the valley and ivy.
Hope you like it - she did.
Entering this for Sassy Cheryls....Show me Thursday.....
Take care


  1. Sarah--that cake is breathtaking! I love, love love---lilly of the valley! They look so real! WOW! You've got talent, girl! And you don't do this for a living?! Hmm...Blessings, Sharon

  2. So beautiful and very frilly feminine. So your hubby bakes? My hubby doesn't bake, but does a bunch of the cooking when he is feeling up to it. happy you had a great weekend. Hugs

  3. You're right Sarah this is a beautifully feminine cake and the flowers look amazing. :-) xx

  4. This is gorgeous! I thought the flowers were real until I read your post.

  5. Ok, see. . .I thought I was home free with no sweets. But, alas, you always do it. Make me hungry for sweets. Super yummy looking and gorgeous!
    Thanks for joining us in the Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday fun!!

  6. Ooh.. jealous of you being in Harrogate. You could have called on my Annabel for a cuppa. I'm sure Archie would have got on with her Puggle, Ollie :-)
    Beautiful cake - those flowers are stunning - they look so delicate.
    Caroline xxx