Thursday, 12 June 2014

Long time no see

Hi there - I know....I know...sorry..
Thought I would show a card and a fabby Bluetit going into a nesting box in my garden....
Love this time of year - apart from when you want a lie in bed - which I never do really and it is sooooo nosiy...but nice though.
I am also showing a card made for Emily doing her theory driving test - thankfully she passed - just the test to go now.... 

Did a bit of photoshop to add the txt...crackled the leaves and added some stickles here and there...and then inside found some stickers which I just added...
Will try soon to get round some blogs - honest......


  1. Morning Sarah thanks for your lovely comment its so true about life its such a pain when it takes over!!! Loving your pictures they are fabulous and I love the little birdie its my favourite time of year as well especially in the garden. Since moving I have had more time in the garden and really love it just not good for crafting!! Congratulations to Emily she's well on her way now it wont be long before she's flying solo!!!! lol Have a lovely weekend Love Chanelle xxx

  2. Oooh what fabbie pics of the bluetit... and how wonderful to have one nesting to be able to watch!

    Lovely card for Emily - hope she passes! Mum's taxi can then relax a bit!

    Christine x

  3. These are awesome pictures of the bluetit. I love all the different shots you were able to capture of the bird in action. Lucky you to have him/her in your own garden.

    Congrats Emmy. Good luck on the driving part of the test.

  4. Hey stranger, how are you? I'm struggling with crafting too. Just feel like packing it all in some days :-(
    Fab bird house - you lucky thing getting blue tits in there. I put one up this spring, but no one has moved in yet.. lol*
    Cute card - good luck to Emily with her test.
    Caroline xxx

  5. Hi Sarah! Great pic and I love your froggy card. Super cute. ~jeni :)