Saturday, 2 August 2014

Norland Nanny 18th Cake

Hello - long time no post - sorry -still here....been busy with work and cakes of which I will post - promise....

EM PASSED HER DRIVING TEST!!! except talk about planning who is having my car!!! I keep pointing out to my girls...its MY car!!!...think they have selective hearing though......

Cake showing today is for one of my best friends daughter...she was 18 and has been accepted to become a Norland Nanny...not heard of be a Norland Nanny is the best of the best  - tend to be to the rich and lets hope she made her a cake which is unique to her...

Shoes on - as Izzy LOVES her shoes....All out of icing I may add before you ask...

 Horse at the side as she has horses
Bling Izzy is "Bling"
 A Norland Nanny....a pushchair with baby..and a it is permanently attached to Izz!

Oh and then did pink leopard print icing on the top...and a chocolate cake under.....
Hope you like it....will TRY to get round to yr posts.


  1. WOW! Sarah this is absolutely brilliant,love those gorgeous shoes and all the details are just fabulous.
    Congrats to your Em on passing her driving test, sounds like you need to hide your card keys though Lol...
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Wendy xx

  2. A stunner of a cake Sarah.... and so lovely to be personalised! Did you not watch the programme on Norland Nannies a week or so ago?? It was a documentary and was really good.. as you say they ARE the best.... but she'll have to lose the shoes, bling and phone...... they are SERIOUS! Flat leather brogues are the order of the day there!
    Oooh and congrats Em on passing her driving test!

    Christine x

  3. Morning Sarah

    Wow Wow Wow what a fabulous girly cake you really are so patient with all the detail I bet she didn't want to cut it is a master piece.

    Congrats to Em such great news well not for you!!!!! lol

    Love Chanelle xx

  4. Ha ha! are you dissing my cabbage??
    Don't knock it til you've tried it - lol***
    Fabulous cake, Sarah. LOVE those shoes.
    Caroline xxx

  5. You did an AWESOME job! Wow! We have a total of 6 cats-5 inside, 1 outside-just put a new post up today---but I left the "h" off your name---oops! Sorry! Glad to hear from you-been missing your posts!