Saturday, 30 August 2014


Just been to the gym and dog walked - and thought I would pop a new pic on my blog for you ....and blimey - its not a cake!!!..

Bex goes back to Uni soon and wanted some new cushions making - so here we have 3 cushions - also a seat cushion and a bean bag.....not brilliant as I know there are some fantastic sewers out there - but its not bad...I did also make her some bunting - but she has taken that already to Uni so I can't show that.

Off for a hair cut later on today - so now off blog hopping...

Have a great weekend



  1. These are so pretty, Sarah. Is there no end to your talents?
    Caroline xxx

  2. She'll certainly be comfy as these looks fab!

    Christine x

  3. Hey Sarah. Thanks for the Birthday wishes. Your 2 years will roll by faster than you think!
    Annabel delighted in saying to everyone we met at the weekend 'this is my Mum - she's 50 today' ha ha! The only way I could cope is with lots of alcohol :-)
    Caroline xxx

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Haven't been blogging lately. Spending most of my time teaching classes at my LSS and in FB. Can't believe Bex is starting her 3rd year! My DGD Kaylee started college this year. The these pillows are very similar to the fabric she chose for her dorm too! Lovely pillows.