Monday, 18 August 2014

Diamond Anniversary Cake

Evening.....sorry I am getting boring posting cakes - will try and post some cards soon - promise
- Made this Diamond Anniversary card for this old man in my village that I sometimes go dog walking with - he sits at his window most mornings I am sure waiting for me...its lovely really - 84yrs young and celebrated 60 yrs of marriage - 60 YEARS!!!!!!!!...blimey - deserves a medal not a cake!

So I just made him a little fruit cake and decorated it with some roses and little diamonds - he filled up and was so made up...made it all worth while really.....
Just a spray of icing roses and some ivy leaves put together...
Enjoy the evening - Em off to Leeds Festival on Wed - why oh why would you - a festival in a muddy field with millions of smelly muddy people - shared smelly toilets...its bad enough doing her washing when she comes back never mind anything else....My dad is picking her up on Friday to take back to good old Grandma and Granddad's for a shower and bacons and sausage sandwich.....
Enjoy whatever you are doing


  1. Aww bless - such a pretty cake. What a sweetheart you are.
    Next time you go dog walking there will be a queue of people waiting to go with you. Ha ha!
    Maria and Annabel are off the the festival together this year - I thought they'd have outgrown it by now. All that rain and mud..yuck!
    Caroline xxx

  2. Morning Sarah I'm not bored with your cakes each one is just so individual and so pretty they must take you hours to do but so worth it.

    Love Chanelle xx

  3. Please don't stop posting your cakes! You are gifted!! This is gorgeous, and how wonderful to spread such joy with your talent! Big hugs to you! This is exquisite!!

  4. Hi Sarah, I love looking at your cakes. You're so talented and generous. I'm welling up at your generosity. It's nice to know people still do things for others just because. Have a great Bank Holiday. :-) xx