Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Morning Morning Morning - it's mid week and it's time for WOYWW - time for a nosey around everybody's desks - fab - love it ....join is SO addictive.....
Not too much going on on my desk - colouring in some images..... and sorry - no sweets to share this week - what I do need though is help please.....
Found this - it is stamped Friskars - in a box of things from my friend and do not know what it any of you? and also....................
Distress Stickles - my mum got me this - what is the difference between this and ordinary Stickles...please help as I have no idea...

Right....will go round your desks in my lunch break and tonight hopefully - try to do different ones each Wed - so sorry if I miss you out one week....
Happy looking around everyone.


  1. Hi hun
    oh luv your card on the desk n the one in the making, lovely paper piecing, pass on the gadet looks like a cutter but no blade! As for the stickles thought they be the same! let me no if not! lol, have good day hun, sue,x

  2. Love the images on your desk Sarah!!

    The distress stickles are perfect with the matching ink pads and look fab for grungy. If you want to use them like normal stickles they come out thicker and are'nt as sparkly.

    Have a great day Chanelle xx

  3. Mornin'
    As angelwhispers says distress stickles is the same as other stickles but it doesn't have any sparkle just texture and dimension - still lush though! lol
    Also that Fiskars thingy - could it be a cutter of somekind - threads(?) or an edge distresser??

  4. Hiya Sarah

    lovely looking colourwork on the image on your desk, cant help with the stickles would love to know myself tho


  5. I think that's an edge distresser.

  6. I would say the fiskers thing is a gift wrap cutting tool but you could use it to distress edges i guess.. as for the stickles if you get a bit and smear it over a serface you will see the differance, the particals of glitter in the distress are odd shapes, not all the same like normal stickles, to give a glittery 'distressed' finish.. it works best smeared on as apposed to blobbed on.

  7. Love your work in progress. The distress stickles are not as glittery as normal stickles and are fantastic when you smear a little over a project. They also match the inkpads perfectly. Have a lovely day, Tracy Evans x x

  8. Hi hun
    papermill direct online hun,well worth it, sue,x

  9. Not the foggiest on either to be honest hun although I had heard that one of the distress stickles when it dries has a crackle effect. Love your paper piecing that you got going on there though - looking good.
    Sam x

  10. Aha, a Fiskars thread cutting tool me-thinks... certainly looks like one... you can use to distrss card and paper too :O))

  11. mmm don't know what the gadget is but it would be great for distressing paper!
    Have a great day,
    *hugs* Heather x

  12. Great paper piercing! If that little gadget has a blade in it, it looks like a paper distresser. I have a pink one that looks similar to that. You run it down the side of your paper to "rough it up". The distress stickles are a little thicker, but similar to regular stickles. ~jeni :)

  13. Great space and love stickles!! thanks for the snoop :)

  14. I know exactly what it is you've found....It's for sharpening scissors. I have one and it's brill :-)
    A x

  15. Hiya
    very creative desk, that looks like a paper distresser, you could try it and see, I havent tried these stickles let us know how you get on.
    Christine x

  16. Oh for goodness sake - easypeasy - _ITS A SCISSOR BLADE SHARPENER- pull your scissors blade along the white strip using the hard edges to avoid lacerating a finger off - and be careful - your scissors will be supersharp after,

    ask me another go on.....


  17. Great images Sarah. Your desk always looks very busy!

    Love Kerry xx

  18. looks like a thread cutter to me???

    I am not keen on distree stickles, I have a couple and they aren't sparkly, so seem a bit pointless to me.

  19. dont know the first one, the distress stickles as everyone else has said, better spread than blobbed !!!

    great space going on here

    big hugs
    judie xx

  20. Got to admit, I would have said it was an edge distresser type thing. The Distress Stickles can be smeared around for a "grungy" look, if you check out Tim's blog and website I'm sure there'll be a video on there using them...I like em but sometimes put a bit of normal Stickles in there too for more sparkle!

  21. Looks like a scissor sharpener to me too!!!

  22. I think the orange thing might be a paper distresser Sarah, but I not sure it could be a scissor sharpener.
    As for Distress Stickles, I guess they are a not so sparkly glitter - if that makes sense.

    Great card by the way.

    Hope you're enjoying the weather.


  23. I thought the orange thing was one of those cutters to cut thread so that you can sew whilst on a plane! but then they could be scissor sharpeners too. Great desk and card too.

  24. Yes, Alan Titchmarsh did do Gardeners World, think he's coming back Distressed stickles??? yes, they have been around for a while...course no one near me has them!

    Happy Crafting


  25. It's an edge distresser - a bit like a razor blade but it across the edge of your papers at 90 degree angle. Perfecto! Like the images you're working on.

  26. Looks like an edge distresser to me as others have said. To me the distress stickles are "chunkier" than regular stickles.

  27. I really would not have known either but would guess on the tool being an edge distresser ...though it could cut threads me thinks. DD loves distress stickles ...think she said they were less sparkly but matched the inks

  28. I have to go with Julia on the edge distresser. I suspect the distress stickles are the ones that match all those distress inks, crackle, etc. Just a guess on my part. I actually got to the party late, so suspect others have far better answers.

  29. Thanks for the peek and aren't you glad you asked about the orange Fiskar thingy as you've not only got it's intended use but now you can use it for so many other things!!

  30. Love wots on your desk who wouldn't love Mo's images