Sunday, 5 October 2014

candle cards

Aaaaahhhh just come back from a nice Sunday lunch - did not fancy cooking - not that I cook much so went to the pub for lunch - problem is I now feel like falling asleep!!!

Had to make 2 quick cards the other day - as always Em wanted them last minute...
Found this candle die-cut and love it, already had the Martha Stewart Happy Birthday punch - quick and simple cards.

 And one for a girl

Do not know what is happening with my Magnolia in the garden - but it is flowering again - sad thing is I know the frost will kill it....

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend, and hope Monday is not too bad for you all....



  1. Hi Sarah. Love the birthday cards-but I think the vintage Christmas are my fav. Pretty tree, too! Temps cooled here over night-time for shoes and long sleeves-yesterday was sleeveless and flip flops!

  2. Gorgeous cards Sarah... what are these kids like when they want a 'last minute' one and know we'll provide?! Mind you, my daughter asked for a new baby one yesterday for her friend who is expecting in 6 months... she said she was giving me fair notice! LOL

    Goodness knows about your magnolia.... and it has no leaves either! Ours is still in full leaf... no buds at all - but I wouldn't expect them till early spring... yours is weird!

    Christine x

  3. 'Housework' - there's no need to use language like that!! ;-)
    Love your cards. Bright and cheerful and that candle die is fab.
    Caroline xxx